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As with all our prints this design can be purchased in A1, A4 and A3, framed or unframed. It looks particularly good in Black with a black mount, making the detail on the design stand out. Pop this baby at the end of a dark corridor if you have one. Maybe in a few years we’ll all be floating around in space so you could put it up in your capsule? Check out our other retro movie posters.


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Everyone harps on about how the recent Wonder Woman movie was a huge breakthrough for a woman in a leading action role. Yeah but you all forgot about Ripley didn’t you? A loud, dis-functional, hard-as-Bruce-Lee Woman, who fought an Alien pretty much on her own. No special powers either. Vincent Van Doodle has en-capsuled all this female power into our magnificent Retro Alien Movie Poster.

About Our Alien Movie Poster

Imagine being out in space, in deep cryo-sleep, being woken up half way through your 40 year kip. You wake up groggy, looking for coffee, only to find a distress call from a random ship that shouldn’t be there. Everyone says “screw this lets just go home”… but no, a few bright sparks want to go check it out.

All good plans made, one fella ends up with an alien on his face, which implants a baby alien in him, which in turn rips him to shreds and grows into a massive horrible teenage Alien with bad poison breath. Not good at all for the crew. Following this we get an hour or so of pure Sci Fi classic Horror as the Gigeresque monster picks off the remaining member sone by one.

What really made this 1979 film unique was the space opera styling, the dark corridors, the unseen monster and the creaking of the Nostromo ship in deep space. You’ll hear Ripley’s breathing and you can almost smell the sweat and oil all around.

That’s why our Art print is dark and looming; reminding you that in space there’s nowhere to run and you really are in trouble if there’s an Alien lifeform on board.  Furthurmore, this Movie had John Hurt in it. ‘Nuff Said.

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A1 Print, A3 Print, A4 Print

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A1 (35" x 25.25"), A3 (20" x 16"), A4 (14" x 11"), No Frame

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Black, Grey wood effect, N/A, White