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You’ll find our Blade Runner Movie Poster in A4, A3 or A1, framed or unframed. Completely up to you, but this design looks its best in black – black frame, black mount. It makes the Neon on Blue really stand out.

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We desperately wanted to create a Blade Runner movie poster. However, where do you even start with the film and the multitude of hidden meanings, references and styles embedded here? It was easily one of the most technically advanced Films of its time, and used special effects when hardly any digital format even existed back in 1982. Amazing stuff and often voted the number one Sci Fi Film in history! Here is what inspired our movie posters design.

About Our Blade Runner Movie Poster

You have Ridley Scott directing Harrison Ford in a Neo American Hong Kong Neon Jungle. It was utterly groundbreaking at the time and still just as rewatchable as the first time in the Movies during those early 80s.

A very loose adaptation of Philip K Dick’s Novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? the film gracefully depicts Ford as the Blade runner chasing down a group of replicant cyborgs in a rain drenched dystopian LA.

Unbelievably, Blade Runner actually underperformed at the US Box office in early 82, with many critics slamming the pacing and style. Madness we say. Just watch this on a dark night with the rain slamming down on the windows outside. Get the voloume up and watch it on the biggest screen you can find.

It’s the constant rain and the Neon never really leave your memory once you’ve seen the film, so we’ve tried to evoke a minimalist style, a mash of bright neon and that dystopian blue hue that envelops many scenes.

Who We Are

Here at Vincent Van Doodle, we love movies! That is why you will find a huge selection of retro, self-designed movie posters across our site. With our Birmingham based studio and art shop, we have so much varying art work for people to buy, such as Peaky Blinders art and Musician Mugshots.

We love art, designing new ideas from a range of inspirations, and making stuff that lets people know all about us as a company. Contact the team to see what else we can design for you, and read our blog to find our all about our latest products.

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A1 Print, A3 Print, A4 Print

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A1 (35" x 25.25"), A3 (20" x 16"), A4 (14" x 11"), No Frame

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Black, Grey wood effect, N/A, White