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Our Braveheart Movie Print comes in A3, A4 and A1, framed or unframed, looking exquisitely Scottish in one of our grey wooden frames with Grey mount. You’re of course FREEEEEEEE to choose whatever you like. Check out our Back To The Future movie poster while your here, we’re sure Mel Gibson could have done with a Delorean when making this film…


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Well what is there to say about our Braveheart Movie Poster? It has Mel Gibson. It has crazed Scotsmen in the highlands. And it has flag waving and shouting and Freedom and Kilts and all sorts. It’s probably not historically accurate, just like the film, but hell is it fun!? You have to remember that this is an ‘American’ Epic depiction of life in Glasgow circa 1987, so it’s never going to be entirely true to its source material.

About Our Braveheart Movie Poster

The film follows the exploits of Mel Gibson, AKA Big William Wallace, as he wreaks revenge on his English enemies throughout the border towns of the UK. After good king Longshanks ruins life in Scotland for everyone by giving land and Prima Nocte to his Lords, Wallace goes on the rampage against Prince Edward, smashes his way through into England and sets fire to York.

You may not know that most of the big battles in the film were not actually filmed in Scotland at all. Gibson was having trouble raising money for the production so moved the battles to Ireland, enlisted the irish reserves, made them grow beards and charge at each other in full medieval dress. Class.

It doesn’t matter what you say, this film was nominated  for ten, yes ten Academy Awards at the 68th Academy Awards and won five. It’s one of those that you have to watch on a Saturday night, covered in Blue Paint and Iron Bru.

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