Rocky IV Movie Poster


Our prints can be purchased in A3, A1 or A4, framed or unframed as you wish. We personally think you should get this framed in A1, turn the garage into a gym and get it on the wall. Pop some grey joggers on and a headband, then do as many press ups as possible whilst listening to eye of the tiger. Check out more alternative movie posters from across the silver screen.


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Rocky 1 was clearly one of the greatest boxing films ever made and our Rocky IV Movie Poster is a house favourite. That Movie had a great script, great acting, such strong mood and lighting and gave a real sense of 70s Philly. It was a true underdog story. However, it wasn’t the cheesefest of Rocky 4, with the colour and glitz of the 80s!

Our Rocky IV Movie Poster

Rocky, chilling with his wife after the first three films, just wants an easy life. He vows to not get in the ring again and instead decides to help Apollo with an exhibition matc against a big Russian Dude. The film takes a pretty drastic dark turn immediately as Drago beats the living hell out of Apollo and kills him.

Nobody does that to Rocky’s best mate.

Hense, after another hour or so of montage footage, flexing of muscles and such, we get to see Stallone at his most ripped, giving the Russians a battering. All this to one of the best 80s soundtracks money can buy, or download, or get on spotify.

Top tip for the day, get that soundtrack on your phone and go running. You’ll feel like a legend.

Anyhoo, our artwork for this piece is a red, soviet coloured number. Rock, belting up the mountians with a log on his back. The villianous Drago (Dolph Lundgren) in the background trying his best to look like a mix of Stalin and Bridgette Nielson.

Why do Rocky 1 when you can do Rocky 4? To be fair we’ll probably do the whole series soon. Just not 5, never.

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