Site coming back to life!

It’s about time we got this website sorted


Yes, we know, we’re terrible at looking after our online site. Well, thanks to the folks at Rice Media Birmingham, we’re working on a huge revamp to get our online store beach body ready..


It’s taken us 5 years or so now to get our work out into the ether and more importantly, in the shop in the Bullring. 2 years of retail have gone by and we’ve happily cemented ourselves on Linkstreet Bullring and are refusing to budge.

The journey has been absolutely awesome so far and we’re ultra grateful for everyone that has visited us since we opened early 2016. However, one major fatality on the way has been the website. The poor thing has been neglected, forgotten and almost discarded like poor oliver twist. We’d like to acknowledge that we’ve been, let’s face it, a bit rubbish at doing online.

That’s why, with the help of some great new staff and a partnership with rice media Birmingham, we’re revamping everything online to bring you our full product range this summer.

“Have you got an online store?” they asked.”

“Yeah of course, go ahead and take a look. There’s hardly anything on there and I can’t even remember the admin logins, but fill your boots!”

That was the harsh reality until a few weeks ago. Now, we’re brimming with excitement to get this going. It’s all ‘appnin.

Over the next few weeks we aim to get our full product range online, including the long awaited Card Art section so you guys can order online with accurate shipping.

Initially we’re looking at the Movie Posters, which will be shortly followed by our new Peaky Blinders work, including the Tarot cards and new Bronze frames.

Until recently we’ve lacked the option for framed/glass shipping online. That’s all about to change too so you’ll be able to order in all shapes and sizes, framed or unframed, in colours and mounts of your choice.

Vincenrt Van Doodle About Us Backgorund Image
Retro gas pump

The gas tank is full guys so we’re off to fill the site with everything we’ve got. Look out for the new collections online coming real soon. Here are just some of the new categories:

Peaky Blinders, yes that’s first…but also…

  • The Tarot
  • Classic Mugshots
  • Photography
  • World Cup Classics
  • Female Writers
  • The Kids Collection
  • The Scientists
  • Birmingham 2.0
  • Old School Cool

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